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boston. we are starting to see signs of people's lives slowly returning to normal. >> reporter: yeah. that's right, allen. they are taking, you know, the developments today as good news here in boston. somewhat. the investigation is moving forward and people are feeling better about being outside. in particular, merchants have had a chance to get back to work. >> reporter: words spread quickly around copley square that something was going on a suspect in the bombing has been identifyed. >> seeing this news on the tv now means a lot to us to my customers and to my partners, you know. the whole area has just been -- yesterday you couldn't walk down here. i couldn't walk to my own restaurant. it was a crime scene. >> reporter: tony is one of the lucky ones. much of boylston street is a crime scene. at least he is back in business. he had to force his customers out when the blast hit. >> we had to evacuate out the
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back door and people, you know, didn't even finish their drinks and their food and we had to escort them out the back door. we had to be out of the building in about 15 minutes. >> reporter: the break in the case came via surveillance video. federal investigators analyzing much of it frame by frame. tony says it's been a rough 48 hours. >> we're a tough town, boston. we'll bounce back from this. >> reporter: yeah, like i said, people feeling better. this case is far from being solved. but to that end, they are putting out now some rewards. starting to see $50,000 rewards even more money in some cases. police and firefighters have put together their own reward fund and we'll talk about that coming up at 6:30. reporting live from boston, i'm ken bastida, kpix 5. >> ken, obviously, security tight there in boston. but tomorrow the president comes to town. have you seen any signs that it's tightening up because of that? >> reporter: you know, the only
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thing we saw today was just a reluctance by, you know, federal investigators to really talk much about who this guy is or what he was doing and exactly, you know, what they know about the case. as far as the president's visit, they haven't had too much advance information coming from the feds or from investigators about that. and certainly, you know, security here is tight enough for everybody. anybody including the president of the united states. >> they will keep details to themselves. ken bastida, thanks. kpix 5's ann notarangelo shows us how a community is rallying behind a bay area's sixth grader injured in the boston attack. ann. >> reporter: and juliette, mountain mike's is one of just a handful of restaurants and businesses in martinez holding fundraisers for aaron hern's family. the hern family is very well known in this area. they have done a lot for the community. and now it's complete strangers who are asking, what can i do? >> the whole town is rallying around aaron and his family. >> reporter: the patrons have joined the effort to raise
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money for 11-year-old aaron hern and his family. aaron's leg was hit by a bomb shrapnel at the boston marathon finish line. his mother said he was back in surgery today and doctors are optimistic but he has a fever and the family is worried about infection. their friends and neighbors in martinez don't want them to worry about anything else. >> i just reached out to my community and said, you know, we have to help them. >> reporter: rocks on main raised $5,000 last night with donations still coming in. this weekend seven family owned restaurants will continue the effort. >> it's a small family oriented town. >> reporter: the herns are all about family. both teach at alhambra high where fundraisers are being organized as well as at martinez junior high where aaron goes to school. instead of asking how did this happen, people in this town are asking, how can i help? >> it's just about doing, right, not just about sitting
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feeling helpless. >> reporter: nicole degeorgio lives next door to the herns. >> this is a family that has given and given and given through community service and through their own occupations. we need to help them, in turn. >> reporter: degeorge i don't, degeorgio is a photographer and offering photographs this weekend. >> i think community involvement is lacking in society. >> reporter: the compass star is donating 100% of evening sales until closing for aaron's medical care or after care. the family says things are stressful because aaron is starting to remember everything and is upset about a little boy who was next to him that. boy is fine. but growing up in a town like martinez, you can see where aaron's compassion comes from. >> we're in a small town with a big heart. >> reporter: and you wonder how after going through all this aaron is going to view the world. maybe he will remember all the acts of kindness shown his
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family in the weeks and months ahead. >> i have a feeling this is just the start of many fundraising efforts in the town. >> reporter: yeah. you're absolutely right. i was talking to the superintendent of schools. there's a bank account being set up. they are talking about a marathon relay, a concert maybe. there's more ahead. if people are interested in the fundraisers already set up, go to our website,, click on "news." >> thank you. and we'll have continuing coverage of the boston marathon bombings on kpix 5 and in just a few minutes, how amateur detectives are posting pictures and looking for leads in the case. checking bay area headlines, a neighbor helped rescue someone from this burning home in san jose this afternoon. fire broke out on ruby avenue near mount pleasant road just after 2:00. four people living in the home are displaced tonight. no injuries reported and the cause of the fire is still under investigation. san francisco police are
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questioning a student who used a stun gun on the classmate. it happened this morning at the international studies academy. police say a girl brought in the device. a classmate, a boy, wanted to take a closer look. there was apparently some kind of tussle and the boy was zapped on the wrist. he wasn't injured. school officials say the girl will face disciplinary action. also in san francisco, not exactly the great escape but two boys managed to break out of their cell in san francisco's juvenile hall sometime last night. they squeezed through a tiny one-foot window and somehow got around a 20-foot barbed wire fence. the boys are age 12 and 16. they were in a unit reserved for lower risk youth. new at 6:00 oakland's mayor is asking the city to pay for more cops. we are getting our first look at jean quan's proposed budget. but what's not included in her proposal is causing some hesitation. phil matier with how these funds could be divvied up. phil. >> reporter: that's right.
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it's still going to be a fight where the money goes. and here's why. check it out. >> what we are presenting today in my time was probably one of the best budgets i have been able to present. >> reporter: that was oakland mayor jean quan hours ago saying after years of cuts and layoffs, the city now has enough money to start four new police academy classes in the next two year, a move that could put some 70 more cops on the streets of this crime- wracked city. >> right now most officers spend about so minutes out of their end -- 10 minutes out of their entire 10-hour shift being pro-active. we want to change that. > in two years we'll have our police force back up to almost 700 officers. >> reporter: that leaves us short, doesn't it? >> oh, yeah. but that's not the police department that oakland deserves but it is moving us in the right direction. >> reporter: the mayor's budgets also calls for an end to furlough days. those are unpaid days off that closed many city libraries and other city services for 11 days last year.
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and that's good news for people like gardner andrew church who saw their pay drop by about 10%. >> it would be wonderful. i mean, i would see it on my check, i mean,. >> there is hard work ahead, pension and healthcare does. >> reporter: those rising costs have union leaders saying, they want to see the fine print before they make a final call. >> if they turn around at the table and take away either equally or greater in another area, such as benefits or healthcare, that's not dealing fairly. they are saying i'm going to give you 6 and take away 8. >> reporter: that math could still haunt the mayor and the city council. juliette, what we're doing here is what we're seeing as well in other bay area cities is that the debts of yesterday health and pension costs are still haunting these cities so even
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though the economy is coming back and money is coming in, a lot of it is already spent. >> if we go back to the police, what does this mean for the sheriff's patrols that oakland has been bringing in to help out the police? >> reporter: good point. good point. as you know, they have been contracting out with the alameda county sheriff's department and the highway patrol for that matter to put extra cops on the streets and patrol. those patrols are going to stay in place. they have the money to keep them there until these other cops get out of the academies. so that's a good piece of news there, as well. thanks for bringing that up. >> all right, phil matier, thank you. definitely social media has changed police work. >> coming up, how private citizens are combing through countless photos searching for a clue to capture the boston marathon bomber. >> i think anytime you try to take out a critical infrastructure, i would say that's sabotage. >> the new incentive to capture the vandals who crippled phone service in the south bay. >> it has been rush hour in the sky over the past several days as we have had a strong north
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wind but that wind is about to go away. warm weather is moving in. your warm forecast is coming up. coming up at 6:30, why a bay area executive is so distraught after he saw the device used in the boston marathon bombing.
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apparant case of sabotage.. utility equipment in the soh bay. but kpix 5's len ramirez sa: chefs investigators say there are no suspects in the apparent case of sabotage on utility equipment in the south bay. but kpix 5's len ramirez says there's a new incentive to find the culprit. rouse a big 20 -- a big reward now being offered by at&t for any information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for what now appear to be very well
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coordinated planned attacks. a $250,000 reward is being offered. >> i think anytime you try to take out a critical infrastructure, i would say that's sabotage. >> reporter: santa clara county sheriff lori smith says two attacks again power and telecom utilities yesterday were almost certainly done by the same person or persons. >> i think it was an intentional act. i think someone went to a lot of work to do it. so i don't know what kind of sabotage, but certainly it was an attempt to take down phones, data and power. >> reporter: it started after 1 a.m. when someone climbed down a manhole and cut fiber optic cables under monterey highway near san jose. then a high-powered rifle was used to shoot up transformers near the metcalf substation a half mile from the first incident. the suspects were gone and the damage was done. >> it initially impacted the 911 system. >> reporter: the city of gilroy lost its 911 system for the whole day but continued service on a backup system. in morgan hill, you couldn't make a phone call.
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>> phone service was disrupted or completely not available for many of the morgan hill residents. >> tried to call my wife. she couldn't answer the phone. >> reporter: thousands of at&t and verizon cell phone customers as well as banks and other institutions had no service. >> take out banks, take out the 911 numbers, it's horrible. >> reporter: the disruptions were similar to an incident in 2009, when suspects entered a manhole to cut fiber optic lines in south san jose. no suspects were arrested. >> very close with san jose on this also to see if there may be a relationship. >> reporter: in that 2009 case, and the case yesterday, investigators said that whoever did it, allen, had some inside knowledge of how these systems worked because there's a lot of cables underground. think as for the other attack on the power system, it appears that whoever was doing that had a knowledge of what they were doing because the shots were
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very well placed at those transformers. >> beyond their knowledge, do police have any other kind of suspect profile? >> well, of course cyber and physical attacks is a big national security concern all over the u.s. right now from the department of homeland security. but at this point the sheriff doesn't think terrorists either domestic or terrorism some foreign country is at work here. they need to develop that suspect profile but again, whoever was doing this knew what they were doing and had a very good plan. >> all right. len ramirez, len, thank you. what may have been one of the more photographed crimes in history and immediately boston police turned to social media for clues about the bombings. but that effort hasn't stopped with police. mike sugerman shows us the work of the new armchair investigators. reporter: more cell videos and pictures, maybe hundreds of thousands now on the web, one who goes by 4 chan think tank now han 1.2 million hits and that's doubled in just three hours.
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it has detailed photos of several people with backpacks in and around the marathon finish line. this is a whole new world of police work not involving police. >> definitely social media has changed police work. >> reporter: sfpd officers say all you have to do is go back to the world series celebration last year when a muni bus was torched. people sent in all kinds of video and pictures. >> subsequently they were identified and arrested and are held responsible for the crimes that they committed. >> reporter: because of that, police started a website known as the line-up which features video of crimes sent in by the public and it's already resulted in arrests. >> it's a positive step and a good step forward for police. >> reporter: a digital rights group in washington sued when cell phone service was shut down during a bart protest last year. police using cell video? okay, he says. but there are concerns.
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>> we need to be very careful about protecting people's privacy and protecting our respect for the law and due process and not setting what could be some really bad precedent. >> reporter: police were asking to copy people's memory cards at the boston airport before leaving town. they didn't have to. could they feel compelled? could video not posted on the web be subpoenaed? could people be suspects when they are not? it's a brave new world being sorted out. mike sugerman kpix 5. social media was also used by police to get messages from the victims to the families, too. paul is here and we were just talking about the wind. it was extremely windy in the east bay this morning. >> sunshine kind of tempered by the wind. it's comfortable but you get in the winds not so much. as the wind dies down, though, which it will tonight, finally, we are going to get some very
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warm temperatures. wait until you see the extended forecast. truckloads full of sunshine. here's a peek outside. i'd like to show you this picture of the golden gate because this is a spot april, may, where we'll see fog creeping in, in the afternoon and stays around all day long. sometimes there's not a hint of fog anywhere, nor is there in my forecast for the next seven days. zero fog at the coast and golden gate. hayward 72 today. napa 72. concord and gilroy 71. san jose almost to 70. downtown san francisco up 5 degrees up to 65. nothing coming down from the sky. kpix 5 hi-def doppler is dry. there's a good reason for it because there's a really big area of high pressure building in. the difference between high pressure to our west and low pressure to our east has caused the wind but now as low pressure moves away that pressure gradient difference will get narrow and there will be a breeze tomorrow. that's it. wind not a problem after this evening. that high pressure dome is getting closer to us now and getting stronger going to expand its influence. what that means for you?
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more sunshine, less wind, much warmer temperatures. an offshore wind will begin tomorrow. it's going to stick around for 7 to 10 straight days. each day warm, each day sunny, each day with zero fog. and until i see something moving in this pattern we'll keep calling for mild weather. i don't see it changing for a while. tomorrow livermore 77 no wind. san jose 77, no wind. downtown san francisco, far less winds tomorrow with a high of 68. napa 78. fairfield 80. mountain view 76 degrees with sunshine tomorrow. well into the 80s away from the water, approaching 80 near the bay on the weekend and you at the coast will likely hit the low 70s with full sunshine starting monday. meteorologist roberta gonzales tells us we are coming up on a big show in the sky. she is going to tell us how to see it. >> reporter: yes, we have mobile weather in the hills of oakland. we are here at chabot space and science center. i have been here for the past couple of hours. the temperature has dropped 6
6:20 pm
full degrees. it's now at 61 degrees. the winds have dialed back under 5 miles per hour. we calm up here because even though we have clear -- we came up here because even though we have clear skies in the forecast, we have showers in the offering. we decided to talk to our science educator. this is [ indiscernible ] da gupta. >> this meteor shower will be exciting for a couple of years. this particular shower in the past has been known though throw out 100 meteors per hour. this is the lyrids. >> reporter: this should be extra special because in january the last time we were up here we had cloud cover and cold overnight temperatures. what can we expect this time? >> clear skies and warm weather. it's going to be great. >> reporter: so give us some visibility tips. >> so a couple of things to
6:21 pm
take into account. most importantly are location. you want to get away from the city lights. that ambient light will dampen good viewing and we are coming up on a full moon so just after the peak of the shower we are going to see a full moon three days later so that will interfere a little bit. you should be able to see meteors about 10:00 but the very best time is going to be just before dawn when the moon has set and we have the darkest skies. >> while you pack your chairs and blankets make sure you look straight up. >> exactly right. so meteors can be really anywhere in the sky. >> reporter: can people come here to watch? >> absolutely. we have our observatory deck open from 7:30 to 10:30 on friday and saturday nights. and we're also going to be a night hike around the center. >> reporter: very cool. but dress warmly. the lyrids meteor shower takes place from now all the way through the weekend peaking this weekend. reporting for mobile weather, roberta gonzales, kpix 5. a bay area icon is bigger than ever. the world-renowned san
6:22 pm
francisco exploratorium is open. today's grand opening on pier 15 started as an idea and $300 million in renovations later it is three times the size of the old building which is enough room for 150 new exhibits for visitors to touch, play and invent. >> the exploratorium is not a place but an idea. it's a wonderful public learning laboratory where we get to invent things all the time and now we have this beautiful new platform on which to do that work. >> check out the free outdoor exhibits like the fog bridge which connects the two piers. tonight there will be multimedia performances, starting at 8:30. still ahead, why caltrans was concerned about the new bay bridge span years before the problems with those bad bolts. >> be able to get around more affordably in a more healthy greenway. >> how the road to change for the bay area's busiest street could start with numbers posted right in front of your face. ,,,,
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those bad bay bridge bolts.. be led. caltrans may have missed an opportunity to find a fix for the bad bridge bolts before they were installed. we have learned bridge officials brought up quality concerns about the bolts in 2008. they ordered additional tests but it's unclear whether those tests were ever done. dozens of bolts fastening seismic safety equipment to the bridge deck started snapping last month. they are now being analyzed to determine what went wrong. the convenience of commuting in san francisco just got easier if you travel by bike. the city is getting ready to install its first realtime bike barometer on market street. the digital display counts the number of people in the bike lane. you may ask, why does the city need this? bike riding is up 71% in the
6:26 pm
last five years. and on market street alone, it's increased 98%. supporters say the counter is going to do more than just promote bike riding. >> we want people to be able to get around more affordably in a more healthy green way and biking is the number one way to do it. as we see growing numbers the city is investing properly and should keep on doing so. >> the bike barometer will be installed by the end of the month. coming up in the next half hour, the images of the injured spectators in boston aren't the only troubling sight. >> horrified, appalled. appalled and shocked. >> why the device used in the bombings caused a chill at a bay area battery company. >> this was the a pretty shameful day for washington. >> frustration at the white house after the gun control legislation is rejected. where the debate goes from here. >> why the future of "fresh & easy" stores in the bay area is as uncertain as ever. ,,
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. now at 6:30, no arrest yet but investigators could be on to a major break in the boston marathon bombings. authorities are reportedly closing in on a potential
6:30 pm
suspect. the big break surveillance video from a department store. cameras there captured an image of a possible suspect. the man was seen dropping off a bag at the scene of the second blast. no arrests have been made. however, investigators are claiming they have made major progress. kpix 5's ken bastida joins us live from boston with more on the reward offered for information leading to the person behind the attack. >> reporter: that's a big component in this story right now. you know, the investigation and who will be held responsible for this. not enough can be said about the first responders in this. obviously, the police, the national guard, the firefighters who have been working on this case. and now they are going one step further and that is to provide a $50,000 reward for information leading to an event arrest and conviction. edward kelly is president of boston's firefighters union. he is also a native boston
6:31 pm
firefighter. >> been a teller couple of days but we're a -- been a terrible couple of days. but we're a resilient city. we are the cradle of liberty. we'll stand up and be noticed. ro he is joining with other police and city union workers in the offering of a $50,000 reward for the person responsible for the bomb blast on monday. >> the people of boston are not going to put up with this. we are not going to be cowards. the people that are responsible for this will be brought to justice the american way. >> reporter: kelly says somebody out there knows something and he hopes the reward money will help get to the bottom of it. >> we are hoping that this reward certainly leads to an arrest. boston is a proud city. we're going to be here -- we were here long before the terrorist attacks on monday and we'll be here long after. >> reporter: it doesn't stop there, juliette. what they are also doing is providing a fund for the
6:32 pm
victims and the victims' families. we ask them, you know, what can we do in the bay area to help you guys in boston and they said, you know what? you can go online and you can donate money to this victims fund. they are going to take care of as many people as they can. you talk to guys like this and get a sense of the resolve that people of boston to fight back this act of terrorism. they are going to do it in a big way both with their investigation and financially, as well. reporting live from boston, i'm ken bastida, kpix 5. >> ken, earlier you mentioned there was a news conference and then it was postponed. any idea when we'll get to our next update on this case? >> reporter: not really. don't know for sure when the next update is coming. federal investigators told us this afternoon they don't have anything scheduled for tomorrow. of course, we are being told that the president is coming to boston and their focus is in protecting him. there's a humvee parked a few
6:33 pm
meters behind me. this has to be one of the safest cities in america now. >> ken bastida in boston. ken, thank you. a bay area company is reeling tonight after learning one of its own products may have been used to set off the deadly devices. new pictures from the scene show a sub c3,000 battery made by fremont-based tenergy. it appears to be using a broken plastic cup. >> appalled, shocked, horrified. they are normally used in toy cars and trucks. >> tenergy says that particular battery was manufactured in klein but it's available in u.s. hobby stores and online, originally manufactured in china. developing news, investigators have arrested a mississippi man in the case of tainted letters sent to president obama and a u.s. senator. police say that both letters
6:34 pm
tested positive for the deadly poison ricin. they were signed, i am kc, and i approve this message. they have been traced to a man near tupelo, mississippi. the letters were intercepted yesterday before they could reach their intended targets. there was a measure that failed for more strict background checks for gun control. it was opposed by the national rifle association. the president blasted congress for killing the bill calling it a shameful day for washington. >> there were no coherent arguments as to why we wouldn't do this. it came down to politics. the worry that that vocal minority of gun owners would come after them in future elections. and so they caved to the pressure. and they started looking for an excuse, any excuse, to vote no. >> the president pinned the
6:35 pm
blame on a small minority of republican senators. however, five democrats also opposed the plan. the wife of a former texas justice of the peace has been charged in connection with the murders of two district attorneys. 46-year-old kim williams is also charged with the murder in the death of a prosecutor. her husband eric was arrested last week after authorities recovered threatening emails and weapons from historic locker. last year the man was convicted of stealing county computers and authorities say the victims were involved in his prosecution. stocks haven't been this low in a year and a half. still ahead what's up with apple's slide? >> sad to see it go. >> tough times for "fresh & easy." why the grocery chain could close all its bay area stores. ,, ,,
6:36 pm
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dollars today for the firste in a year and a half. shar apple stock dipped below $400 today for the first time in a year and a half. shares fell from an all-time high in september of $705 to close at $402 this afternoon. earlier in the day, the price got as low as $398. stock plunged after an apple supplier said there's less demand for ipods and iphones. "fresh & easy" is just a name but there's nothing easy about the grocery chain's financial future. about 18 stores in the bay area
6:39 pm
are one step closer to closing down. kpix 5's da lin on how the chain may have made a marketing mistake. [ beep beep ] >> reporter: it has not been easy for the "fresh & easy" grocery chain. the chain announced today it lost billions of dollars and its british parent company tesco is packing its bags and leaving the u.s. market. >> we just love shopping here. it would be a shame if they shut down. >> reporter: shoppers like the prices and the organic products. >> everything is fresh. i got this whole bag for just $25. >> we dropped safeway and started coming here a lot more. >> reporter: the chain launched in november 2007 right before the great recession. it got a lot of good pr in san francisco when it opened this store in the underserved community of bayview. experts say it could not
6:40 pm
compete against supermarkets like safeway, lucky and trader joe's. they said because the typical store is one-third the size of a safeway, it didn't have enough products to draw shoppers in. and it couldn't establish an identity. >> "fresh & easy" failed to differentiate how they are different from others. >> reporter: the company says it is not closing its doors not yet. they are looking for a buyer to take over the grocery chain. >> while we don't yet know who our new owner will ultimately be, tesco has received interest from a number of parties. >> reporter: a "fresh & easy" official says the company has not set a date to when they need to sell the chain before shutting down all 200 stores in california, nevada and arizona. in hayward, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> if bay area stores close their doors, that's about 500 employees who could lose their
6:41 pm
jobs. it is a startling statistic. >> hundreds of others going to slaughter. >> but not one that gets this bay area woman down. what she is doing to save every horse she can. >> once again, all about the sunshine weather-wise. but we can't seem to shake this wind and that wind is keeping things kind of chilly relatively speaking. but coming up in my forecast, find out which day will be closer to 90 for some of you than 80. that's coming up next. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, why the as are so sad to leave the houston astros leaving town. >> they are in a rebuilding phase. >> two decades after joe meant left santa clara, his son returns. >> expectations , you know, may be unrealistic. >> and adam scott sets the record straight about "the bachelor." >> embarrassing. >> all coming up in a couple of minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:44 pm
jefferson award winner leara love of animals growing up wyoming. so it's not hard y she didn't this week's jefferson award winner learned a love of animals growing up in wyoming so it's not hard to understand why she didn't hesitate when she found horses in trouble here in the bay area. kate kelly went to a special
6:45 pm
place to meet her. reporter: >> look what you get. >> reporter: morning is vicki sims whitney's favorite time of day. >> hi, sweetie. >> reporter: because morning is when she checks in with her friends. >> hi, cocoa. hey, charlie. >> reporter: cocoa and charlie are two of 20 horses vicki cares for on some borrowed pastureland in santa rosa. >> some of them are pranksters and jokers. >> reporter: each she says is special in its own way but all of them have come to her from dire circumstances. vicki started sadie's haven a horse rescue and sanctuary four years. she named it after the first horse she seemed, a mare -- she saved, a mare lame from overbreeding. she covers $2,500 a month for food, medicine and farriers often filling in the gaps for her own funds. finding space for her growing herd has been a challenge. >> horses are supposed to be like our wild horses, supposed to have access to freedom of a
6:46 pm
pasture and not be in a stall all the time. >> reporter: so when vicki started working at bright haven, a sanctuary for smaller creatures, owner gale pope offered her the adjacent land for her project. >> vicki is compassionate, helping horses and other animals that otherwise would be discarded. >> reporter: vicki gets her horses from a variety of sources. most are given up by owners who can't afford them anymore. others have been abandoned and then some like mocha here who was beaten severely and rescued from a situation that left her blind. vicki says almost all of these horses would have ended up at auction. >> horses that go to auction, the majority of them go to a kill buyer destined for mexico or a road year. >> reporter: vicki supports a federal ban on horse slaughter
6:47 pm
and works with youth groups to provide educational programs and summer camp to teach the next generation the issues and basics of caring for these gentle giants. >> every horse we save, there's hundreds of others going to slaughter. i think people don't realize what a heart and soul horses have. they are not disposable. they are not recycle. they are actually living beings that have a lot to teach us. >> reporter: so for providing a safe haven for horses today and working for a future where they all have greener pastures, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to vicki sims whitney. kate kelly, kpix 5. >> vicki has a waiting list of horses that need a safe place to live. if you would like to help or volunteer, go to our website at click the "connect" button at the top of the page, then jefferson awards to find out story or sadie's haven. >> always great efforts jefferson award winners. the warmup is really going to begin. it's coming. >> when is this wind going to
6:48 pm
die down? >> he wasn't as eloquent. >> tonight. low pressure finally moving out crystal clear boo skies. beautiful shot there but it's been breezy. the borough president kept things think you will cloudy. where is the low pressure system? it's in colorado. let's take you there. take a look at what's going on in colorado. that storm system drawing down cold air from canada warm air from the gulf of mexico. several inches of snowfall on the ground in colorado. the same storm that gave us rain and wind a few days ago. our radar is clear. this is the time of year when we get dry. we'll be very dry for the next several days. microclimate forecast. down to morgan hill, sunny tomorrow, less wind, high of 78. you will be one of the many communities to hit 80 degrees coming up on friday maybe taking the kids to the morgan hill aquatic center. they are going to want to go outside and play in the pool
6:49 pm
over the next several days because it's going to be warm and very dry and sunny. so low pressure moving out as it gets farther away from us the difference between high pressure and low pressure we call it the pressure greatant will decrease. you notice the change coming up tomorrow. breezy. high pressure where is it? over top of us giving us an offshore wind coming off land as opposed to coming from the ocean. that's why we'll be warm tomorrow and high pressure will not move. through the weekend, through the middle of next week, likely for the next seven to 14 days, high pressure system is not moving. we are sunny, dry and warm through next week including your saturday and sunday when you're off of work and the kids are off of school. so no morning fog or low cloud cover to speak of not even to the coastline. as a matter of fact, the coast next week you will be in the 70s for highs and a slow but steady warmup through the weekend. the warmup begins tomorrow. oakland 77, concord 78, san jose 77. we'll hit upper 70s for los
6:50 pm
altos, redwood city, mountain view, milpitas tomorrow. mid- to upper 70s for pleasant hill, san ramon, walnut creek. concord and benicia looking quite mild. sunshine in san rafael tomorrow high of 77. richmond, berkeley, alameda, even san francisco almost to 70 degrees in downtown tomorrow. milder on friday, milder on saturday, a little milder on sunday. by the time you wake up on monday morning, we are looking at a day with a high in the mid- 80s. by next wednesday mid- to upper 80s away from the water and likely getting close to 80 degrees even in san francisco. only thing hotter than the forecast, the oakland as. sports coming up next. ,,
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
you kids should count yourselves lucky. we didn't have u-verse back in my day. you couldn't just... guys... there you are. you know you couldn't just pause a show in one room, then... where was i... you couldn't pause a show in one room then start playing it in another. and...i'm talking to myself... [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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his old college buddy, lew , move the a's to san jose. b he sure di e astros to the so bud selig hasn't been able to help his old college buddy lew wolff move the as to san jose but he sure did the as a huge favor when he moved the astros to the american league west. it was a rough day for houston before the game started. the bullpen coach jeff murphy hit by a screen during battle practice. he would only suffer a knee injury. his staff would suffer even worse. novato native bud norris did not enjoy this homecoming. reddick off a slump with a double off the wall. six runs in the 1st inning for the as and for the second time in the series a houston starter
6:54 pm
is knocked out in the 1st inning. 9th inning as lead down to two. game ending double play. they win 6-5. >> they are in a rebuilding phase so we took care of business. that's what it does. you have to beat the people you're supposed to beat. >> norris came in with a nice e.r.a. but playing in front of family and friends a bay area guy, when you played for the giants played in front of a lot of family friends, is there something to that? >> i struggled every day being at home. on the road maybe more so. maybe that's one or two starts a year or something like that. >> before the game clarendon and the rest of the cal basketball team were honored for their final four run. car will done drafted by the indiana fever in the earlier this week has no plans to quit her day job, clarendon. how was it? >> more nervous than you this. it's like being at the free
6:55 pm
throw line by yourself when you're the only one getting ready to shoot but not as bad as i thought. one bounce, the best in a while. >> not bad. following in your dad's footsteps is challenging especially if your dad is joe montana. 49ers held their local pro day today and nate montana showed his stuff. he played at four colleges most recently as west virginia wesleyan. he doesn't expect to be drafted but he wants to play football. maybe the arena league, canadian football league. as for taking after his hall of fame father? >> expectations are unrealistic or over-- unrealistic is the best way to put it. then also may open a door. you can't complain about it. it's the first time i have been to their practice facility. >> that you remember. >> that i remember, yeah. [ laughter ] >> pretty sure you were here
6:56 pm
before. >> get the same laugh as the dad. warriors center andrew bogut is expected to return tonight after missing the last two games with an ankle injury. the 7-footer is limited to just 31 games for the season but the warriors will need the big man when the play-offs start this weekend. golden state can clinch the sixth seed tonight with a win in portland. or the rockets lost to the lakers. warriors will face the spurs, nuggets or clippers in the first round also to be determined tonight. adam scott, a life changer. >> adam scott became the first australian to ever win the masters but he won't be the first golfer to star in a reality show. scott put an end to the rumors that he would be on "the bachelor." >> that's all quite embarrassing really but no. >> i think it's very
6:57 pm
flattering. >> i think so. better word. but no, i am not singlele at all. >> you're not? >> very much in a relationship and very happy at the moment. >> what is her name? >> marie. >> okay. so i will tell all the women to back up. >> reporter: thank you for looking out for me. >> looking out for him? >> i thought gayle king did a good job. we got to find out her first name, marie. and everybody else is going to put the rest of that together. >> exactly. >> social media takes off. >> and good thing he brought up marie just saying. >> oh, yeah. >> okay. >> marie would have been -- marie is probably the reason -- you're not going on bachelor, are you serious? not happening. >> that's a deal breaker. >> give me the rose covered jacket. >> exactly. [ laughter ] >> okay. we're done. see you at 11:00. captions by: caption colorado aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups availab.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
announcer: this is joey fatone. it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [cheering and applause] [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: thank you very much. how you folks doing today? thank you very much. thank you very much. welcome to "family feud", everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. you know what, we got another good one for you today. this family is returning for their 4th day with a total $21,405. straight out of boston, mass., it's the tracey family. [cheering and applause] and from louisville, kentucky, home of the derby, it's the willinger family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving away in a brand-new car right there.

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